Sketches of me


Hello! I'm ZIGGY CASHMERE, or Jake. Ziggy is just a non de plume. I'm a college student obsessed with one two many things.

This website is a little more casual than my professional one. More of a testing ground for new things I suppose. There's a lot less of my design stuff here. I've been interested in slightly niche things since birth. I was raised by antique dealers who restored arcade machines while I wore t-shirts with the Titanic on them. Along with majoring in design, I also like to collect antiques, repair old electronics, research obscure topics and create art in my spare time. I make a habit of interviewing people about things that they haven't worked on in decades or probably forgot about.

I am currently working on a book titled DRAWING FOR NOTHING, an art book for animated movies that were never finished or bombed horrifically.

You can contact me and view my many different platforms below with the fun buttons.